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Czech Republic Holidays
With its memorable historical landscapes, spas and variety of activities, it is little wonder that the Czech Republic is fast becoming a tourist hotspot. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic boasts of many well preserved historical sites and is also the historic centre of Prague is named in the UNESCO world heritage sites. Prague along with Central Bohemia was virtually untouched during the World War II and therefore its historic architecture was not damaged. Marvel in the stunning architecture of old building, visit ancient castles as the Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world, be inspired by the variety of art on display and indulge in the delicious local cuisine.

Prague City Breaks and Holidays
Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. Popularly known as "Jewel Of the Crown" among the central Europe, and one among the most beautiful city of the world, Prague has tourism as it major force. Though the city does not have tourism as its main occupation, but the effect of tourism can be clearly seen over the city. It is always a good time for brief, peaceful and romantic break at this beautiful city. It has a lot to offer for its tourists. There are many travel agents in UK offering cheap and short city breaks to Prague. You can also plan a stag/hen weekend in Prague at the last minutes. With such wide range of available Prague city breaks package, the city is only a step away from your home. Lets have a look at famous of Prague, at ...

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What to do While Your Wife is Shopping? Attractions For Men in Prague
Visiting Prague but worried all you will do is to walk down the shopping streets along with your gorgeous wife in the morning and snap photos of ancient buildings in the afternoon Do not worry, let her do her shopping alone

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